Sitting for more than 17 minutes at one time contributes to disease.

Are you standing up yet? Get up and move your muscles to watch this awesome segment as aired on Wellness Wednesday on KFYR in Bismarck, ND. Like the use of sugar in everything we eat, sitting has become an American epidemic.

5 Exercises You Should Do 2 Times a Day During A Long Sitting Period

  1. 20 stand-ups as quickly as possible without using your hands
    2. 30-second run, march, walk in place
    3. 20 Standing Lateral Raises
    4. 20 Standing Cris Crosses
    5. 25 Hamstring Curls each leg

BONUS: When you’re ‘standing around’ squeeze the heels of your feet together for 10-second increments to engage your glutes!

The Realities of Sitting

*diabetes– 3.4% increase/1 hr sitting

*cancers – ovarian (43% increase) breast, colon

*heart disease– men (34% increase)

*dementia– 300,000 prevented by exercising

*pain/headaches/muscle imbalances

*depression -9 hrs-29%+ 10hrs-52%+

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