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Renita has entered many competitions in her life. Afterall, her competitive nature is one of the reason’s she’s been able to inspire and help North Dakota lose 70,000 pounds of fat!

One competition was a regional bikini competition. Why did she do it? To show Moms age 40+ that they can do it too! Her dedication to others’ success was apparent on the day of the competition as she learned the unhealthy habits that women half her age underwent to “compete” in the competition.

Now she’s competing WorldWide to earn the title of Ms. Health and Fitness. Round 4 is Underway and it’s the most challenging one yet!

But she needs your help. Voting daily NOW until the final round is what we need!  Watch the video and click to button to see how easy it is to vote!

Join the Community To Share the Truth About Health & Fitness!

A group of women are on a mission to share the truth about diets, exercise fads, carbs, proteins, fats and where exercise fits into the routine. Caution. Joining this group may motivate you to become stronger than you ever imagined.

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