Watching the NCAA Basketball Tourney?

Motivated by the Athletes?

Want to have fun with the whole family?

This is a fun way to get moving with your family. The family workout is a watch-and-move – kind of like paint by number – but it will make you breath heavy!

Sitting is Killing us! Try this Family Workout to Curb the March Madness Couch Time

Do you sit at a desk for extended periods of time during your typical workday?

New research is revealing the startling news that sitting for more than five hours a day can seriously impact your health and lead to early death.

Sitting—sometimes called “the new smoking”—causes slower blood flow in our organs, affects your ability to respond to insulin, increases your risk of colon, breast, and endometrial cancers, causes muscle deterioration, slows digestion, causes your brain to function more slowly, causes back, neck, and shoulder problems, hip problems, and weak bones.

Even if you work out every day, sitting for extended periods of time can have the same negative effects. Just like exercise doesn’t counteract smoking effects, it also doesn’t counteract the health impact of sitting for too long every day. The key is breaking up the periods of sitting with short bursts of activity.

Get up and move!

During this time of year, you and your family are probably watching March Madness. That can mean a lot of couch time!

And what do we do when we are sitting? We EAT!

We have a workout you can do with the family that allows you to enjoy all the NCAA Basketball you want but get up off the couch and move! Print the workout and keep it handy during the games.

So here’s what you are going to do: you are going to let the events of the game determine your workout! And have a basketball handy…

For every…                                                    You do…

Successful free throw                                 10 squats—hold the last one!

Successful 3-pointer                                   10 pushups, 1 hand on the basketball, 5 on each side

Steal                                                            5 tricep dips

Timeout                                                        60-second plank or plank jacks

Dunk                                                             5 jumping jacks

Turnover                                                       10 crisscross planks

Injury                                                             60 second back extension (cobra)


When you move Your Family Will be inspired to move!

  1. Pick the bracket buster game
  2. Set a goal to make it from the tip off to the final buzzer
  3. Have water ready!
  4. Get the whole family involved


Check out the handout for more detailed instructions and lower impact modifications!

Love the workout? You could turn it into a circuit you do a couple times a week. Just increase the reps! This is a great full-body HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout with bonus strength moves.

You don’t have to do this throughout the whole game. Do what you can! Remember, take breaks from sitting AT LEAST every 30 minutes.

Humans did not evolve to be sedentary, sitting creatures. If your job or leisure time (think of all your tv and computer time!) generally sees you sitting for hours, take regular breaks!

Stand up and move or walk for at least five minutes to counteract the effects of all that sitting!

Get Inspired. Get Engaged. Get Stronger Every Day!


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